Passions to Earnings Success Membership Site

Passions to Earnings Success Membership Site

Monthly Training to Build Your Online Presence Affordably | Presenter Dr. Gwen Smith

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Learn the steps needed to launch your online business without the need for expensive one time investments in courses that leave you hanging with gaps in learning forcing you to struggle on your own. Enjoy the contribution of a community in our live Facebook group where you have access to having your questions answered.

You also have access to on-going video training. Go at your own pace, complete exercises and content is released once per month to give you time to execute your learning and to make progress without feelings of overwhelm.

Participate in Webinars designed to provide additional resources to help your grow your business.

Dr. Gwen Smith
Dr. Gwen Smith
Author, Speaker, Performance Breakthrough Coach

I'm an author, inspirational speaker, and a professional and business success coach.

I have decades of service creating learning experiences and training others to do the same up to the university level. I have a Master’s degree in Leadership and a doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction/ Measurement & Research from the University of South Florida. 

My passion and mission is to transform lives, to free you from emotional energy traps that keep you stuck, generate fear, and cause self-limiting beliefs. 

My expertise will benefit you not just in the online learning environment where you will learn skills to enhance your life and relationships, but also to in your business and effectiveness to skyrocket your business profits and your success.

Dr. Gwen is an international speaker, a breakthrough performance coach and an author. She holds a doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction/ Measurement & Research. Dr. Gwen has been a classroom teacher, school administrator, executive level school district administrator and college professor and chair of the department of education.

Throughout her career she has coached hundreds of professionals, including teachers to achieve breakthrough performance in their lives careers and businesses. Dr. Gwen creates and designs instruction that is clear and effective expanding the experiences of her students to naturally and easily grasp the concepts she teaches.

The winner of many awards including The Who's Who Among American Teachers, and The Ida S. Baker Distinguished Educator Awards to name a few. Dr. Gwen is also the recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Award for Achievment, highlighting her ability to clearly communicate and inspire others in her presentations and speaking.