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Presenter Dr. Gwen Smith
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Dr. Gwen Smith
Dr. Gwen Smith
Author, Speaker, Performance Breakthrough Coach

Dr. Gwen Smith is an inspirational speaker, a professional and business success coach and an author. She is the author of Parents from Striving to Thriving: 101 Success Tips & Single Moms From Striving to Thriving: 101 Success Tips. These books support parents in using  strategies research suggests that will empower their kids’ for success, respect and developing responsibility.

Dr. Gwen holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and a doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction/ Measurement & Research from the University of South Florida. 

Throughout her career she has coached hundreds of professionals to producing breakthrough results in their relationships, work and life. 

A mother of six children (three biological), former school and executive leader, associate professor and chair of the department of education at the university level, Dr. Gwen has dealt with tens of thousands of kids and their parents in promoting good behavior and academic success. 

Through her research, she is able to teach parents the styles of parenting that will best produce the results they’d like to see and she guides them in a fun interactive way, leaving them completely re-energized to become leaders in their homes, and having their kids cooperate.