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Empowering Lives to Live Purposefully and Passionately

Dr. Gwen Smith

Passion Test--An Excerpt

Dr. Gwen Smith

Record Your Screen, Edit Your Content And Create Professional Videos Without Technical Skills

Dr. Gwen Smith

Creating Your Goals

Dr. Gwen Smith

Epic Results ACT Performance BreakthroughTM Mentoring Program

Unlike the overwhelming number of coaching experiences available, the Epic Results ACT BreakthoughTM Performance Mentoring Program uses a special curriculum that supports your uniqueness and advances you towards your goals.

Dr. Gwen Smith

Parenting Course: From Striving to Thriving

Want To Stop Your Kids’ Bad Behaviors And Raise Confident, Responsible Kids At Home? Join Dr. Gwen Smith for a Live, 3-Hour Interactive Seminar.

Dr. Gwen Smith

BETA Epic Results: Eliminate Fear, Procrastination and Negative Self-Talk

7- Week Course